Sunday, February 28, 2010

Meant To Be

1st Grade Class Photos

Jason Steinbarger, 1987

Kate Garcia, 1987

Garage Sales are for Geniuses

Jason and I have established a semi-regular tradition for those Saturday mornings when we just can't sleep past 7am. Garage Sales: The ideal way to shop on a budget, especially here in South Orange County. Also known as rummage sales, yard sales, moving sales, tag sales & stoop sales.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely have my favorite stores. But when it comes to decorating our place, I sometimes just can't seem to fork over the dough, especially when it means paying full price.

By following the fluorescent pink signs, we've happened across neighborhoods we would've never known existed, met some incredibly interesting people and made great memories, but most of all - had some REALLY great finds. Below are a few of our garage sale finds over the past couple of years...

And, if you have A LOT of time on your hands and want to read a website on the "How To's" and "How Not To's" of garage saling, check this out:

Bed Frame, $5

Arm Chair, $20
Though we love the retro fabric, Grandpa is kindly reupholstering it for us!

Table, $5
Goes perfectly with the arm chair that Grandpa is reupholstering for us!

Patio Set - 2 Chairs & Table, $15

Large Frame, $5
One of our lovely high school girls is repainting the canvas for us...can't wait to see it Jessie!

Insulator/Paper Weight, $0.25
My dad used to climb telephone poles with these things. They sell for a lot these days, no joke!

Frame, $0.25

Yellow Pot, $0.50
Time to replant my basil.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring is on its way...

Trader Joes has proof, these daffodils cost $1.29. Yay for Spring!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Healthy Addiction to Geometric Shapes

Check out my new favorite lamp shade.

Just the Three of Us

This is how we roll.

Blogging is for...

Your Royal Steiness has decided to step into the word of blogging and see what it's all about. I've always thought this wasn't for me, but then I realized that I could control the font of my own page, and thus I have given in...